Mobile Legends Hack – Free Diamonds and Battlepoints – iOS/Android Working Hack 2020

Mobile Legend Hack – Free Diamonds and Battlepoints – iOS/Android Working Hack

mobile legends diamonds hack

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is an online multiplayer game for iOS and Android developed by Shanghai Moonton Technology. It features a variety of heroes to play with, different games modes, fast-paced and exciting game experience. With optimized touchscreen controls, the players can have a seamless gameplay experience on handheld devices. Moreover, with modifiable options, players can add various features like auto-aiming and last-hitting to make control of the game easier.  


The game is very famous in South East Asia where it is one of the most-downloaded mobile game App. Various international competitions have been held and it is the part of 2020 Southeast Asian Games as well.
Key Features:

mobile legends diamonds hack

Multiplayer Online Battle Arena Combat:

 You take part in 5 vs. 5 Multiplayer online Battle arena with real players from all over the World, competing over three lanes to down the opposing team’s tower.  
Selection of Heroes: You are required to select a character to play with which is called a “Hero”. You will have a variety of heroes from which you can choose one as per your choice. Heroes are categorized into six different roles called Marksman, Assassin, Mage, Support, Fighter and Tank.
Matchmaking: After the selection of the hero, you will join a new game within ten seconds and then the fight begins between your team and the other team. The matches last for ten minutes.
Live streaming: With the built-in live streaming option, you can stream your gameplay. Also, you can browse the game’s library where you will find a collection of active streams to watch other games. Moreover, you can filter out the active streams by selecting heroes, ranks, etc.
Mobile Controls: The game features a virtual joystick to control the movement of your hero on the left side of the screen and special power abilities on the right to attack either with an auto-aiming feature or manually.
Live Audio Chat: You can communicate with your team players while playing the game.
AI Assistance:  Since it is an online multiplayer game, there is a chance that a player can be disconnected due to any reason such as no internet availability. It doesn’t freeze the character; instead, the character keeps playing, thanks to the AI Framework of the game. When the player is online again, he can regain control of his character.


Mobile Legends: Bang Bang hack is a multiplayer game in which two teams consisting of 5 players compete against each other.  The game is all about fighting to reach and destroy the other team’s base while defending their own. There are three lanes called “top”, middle” and “bottom” which connects the bases. There are ‘minions’ which are AI-controlled characters which follow these lanes to the enemy’s base and fighting the enemies.

The game starts after the players from different part of the World are matched for an online battle. It displays the country flags of all the players next to their characters. There is an option for the live streaming the game and a collection of streams to watch a game.
Mobile Legends Hack

We have discussed below some hacks for Mobile Legends which will not only improve your game but will help you in getting free battlepoints, free diamonds and most importantly it will help you in increasing your rank.


mobile legends diamonds hack

Learning Basic Mechanics of the Game
Many times, people do not focus on the basics of the games. You can improve your game if you learn the basic mechanics. You can be smarter in the game if your game sense is good.  You should be aware of what to do in certain scenarios.
After every match you lose, focus on your mistakes and try to do something different. Moreover, repetitive tactics are never a good idea. You come can up with a new tactic if you have a better understanding of the game which is possible if you play more. Moreover, watch some gameplays to learn more about the game.

Learning Heroes’ traits
To improve your game, you should have complete knowledge about the traits of each character available, or use your Mobile Legends hack to skip the whole process. Then accordingly, you can select one as per your suitability. Every hero in the game has different abilities. You can test and play with different heroes to know more about the character’s traits. You can also watch active streams to see how other players use the heroes in the gameplay.
For Example, Layla can fire at towers without being in the tower range when she achieves the maximum level. She can be used to fire away from the front and destroy towers quickly. Another hero, Fanny can move very fast around the map with her chains. It takes some time for the players to get used to controlling her because of her quick movement.

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Daily Rewards
This is one thing that you can avail daily as a freebie. Daily logins provide you 2 free chests. The chest takes 4 hours to be filled with Mobile Legends battle points, experience, hero ticket, magic dust and emblems. Once you avail it after four hours, then you get another free chest. These gifts help you to advance in the game.  Hence, it is a good idea to log in every day to avail some useful items.
The medal chest is filled with even more rewards. You have to play PvP matches and have to win twice to open a medal chest.

Lane Pushing
If your hero kills the opponent minion wave, your minions will stay unharmed. Eventually, the minion wave will be build up in your favour and your minions will stack up. This wave will help you push a lane.
In case you see a huge minion wave of the opposing team being formed, you should use your hero to kill the minion wave to clear it. As a result, your own minion wave will start building up and help you push a lane.

Aim to win rather than killing
In order to win the match, you have to destroy the opposition’s tower. Many players, especially beginners focus more on trying to kill the opposing team’s heroes. Your ultimate aim should be to destroy the enemy’s tower. High kill score is useful if your team is not winning the actual match. Further, winning results in a lot of Mobile Legends Free Diamonds and gold. However, just be sure to take calculated risk in doing a tower dive. Killing other players is important despite being a lesser priority. The tower dive should be done when you are confident enough to kill them. Overconfidence can be risky.

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Be Adaptive to Different Roles
It is possible that you get a role other than your preferred one during a match. A professional player never sticks to the only role in a game.  You need to be adaptive to different roles. Ideally, you should be able to adjust yourself to whatever role you get.

Killing the Lords
The turtle and the Blue Knight are like bosses in the game. If you kill these special monsters, you get a good reward. Upon killing the turtle, you get extra gold while the Blue Knight will push a lane for you. It is also possible to get your entire team to be pushed with him which will help you in getting one step closer to the towers.

Communication with your Team Mates
Since it is a team game, proper collaboration and communication play a vital role in it. You do not need to be a fast typist. Instead, you have an option to send available commands for quick communication. There are short phrases for appreciation, attack, help, defend, etc.
If you want to save time, you can also, communicate via audio messages. The main idea is to pass your message to the other team players either by text or audio.

Team Strategy
One man show doesn’t always win the matches. Hence, a team fight is very crucial and important. You must know that you need to siege the enemy’s tower which requires unity and team strategy. All players should play as a team in order to have better chances to win the game. Communication can play an important role to let your teammates know about your move, to ask someone for help or to let others know about the game situation.

Appreciating Team Mates
This can be very motivating for the teammates. Appreciating your fellow allies will keep them trying their best. This will boost the confidence of the players and you all as a team will perform better.
Final Words

mobile legends diamonds hack

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is a very interesting game, which is why we have made this Mobile Legends hack generator to get free diamonds and battlepoints. You can spend hours playing this game. But it is important to have fun with having the least concerned about winning or losing. Further, you will not become a professional overnight. The more you focus on improving and not repeating the same mistakes, the more you will advance in your game. The above Mobile Legends Hacks will help you in becoming a much better player in the long run.